naran ratan / 'trees etc.'
release date: 22/4/15
length: 11:11
tasty morsels / tst011
on behalf of n ratan, here given, phrased mainly in Spirit Quest, is a quite quiet journey, dedicated to oldest friends and nearby shrubbery

composition: n ratan
keyboard: n ratan
clarinet: n ratan
'e' guitar: simone
art: 'bath' by r. mccarthy
otherwise: n ratan

these are the jams:

01. forevertime journeys i
02. east of somewhere else
03. spring nostril
04. vegetable eater
05. fanfare for naran ratan
06. jam for bwengo
07. pond bather
08. forevertime journeys ii

also includes a seamless megamix

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tasty morsels